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Why I Do What I Do

I never thought this was going to be my life. Who ever thinks THIS is going to be their life? You carry a child for 9 months, nurse that child, nurture that child, stay up all night with that child, and all of a sudden you have to fight to have access to that child? To bargain, plead, and beg to spend time with that child? The child you were willing to sacrifice your life and your health for? It is a living nightmare every single day.

I was an amazing mother from the start. My children were planned and wanted. I went through 2 high risk pregnancies, and each issue was detected because I was in that OB/GYN’s office by 6 weeks. I was responsible. I diligently went to doctors appointments every 2 weeks, and followed the doctor's instructions to a T. When my babies were born, I diligently took them to every Pediatrician appointment. The Pediatrician made fun of me for being too neurotic because I asked a million and one questions. I watched their development like a hawk. I fought a…