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Legal Bombardment

There is a legal tactic that is seldom talked about. It's called the Legal Bombardment.
Basically, the Opposition will throw everything at you, to see what sticks.
There are two objectives for using this tactic. The first is to zero in on an accusation that may possibly warrant some believability and exploit it to destroy your character. The second is to exhaust you emotionally and financially, so that your resolve is weakened and you give up. This is one of the most aggressive, cruel and abusive legal tactics one can use. It is meant to absolutely destroy a person.
During my custody battle, I was accused of everything under the sun. I was even accused of getting a nose job! Most of the allegations and accusations were frivolous, and even the serious ones were disproven eventually. However, every single time I was faced with an accusation, I felt the need to defend myself. I ended up incurring around $100k in pre-trial legal fees to mitigate the bombardment, and it exhausted me…