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The Truth About Narcissists

The cold, hard truth.

There are so many blog posts and advice columns out there about dealing with narcissists, but the truth is that there is no real cure for dealing with a narcissist. Here is the real hard truth that you may not hear very often, or even at all about narcs and how to deal with them.

Weak women will often gravitate towards narcissists. Why is that?

The signs are usually clearly there from the beginning. However, because we are weak, we will view the narcissist as a protector and a provider because they exude confidence and self assuredness. The narcissist will act as the protector and provider not because they truly love us, but because they will see us as possessions, and as such will want to take care of us. The minute we are no longer in their good graces, they will treat us like the enemy, or a blight that disgusts them. They will never treat us with kindness and respect because they never saw us as worthy of kindness and respect to begin with.

Your friendships w…