What Do Family Court Judges And Lawyers Have In Common With Slaughterhouse Workers?

As an avid fan of Freakonomics, it's become a habit for me to notice unlikely comparisons all around me.

I always wondered how Family Court lawyers and Judges slept at night. Then I saw an undercover video posted online taken at slaughterhouse, which included interviews of the workers and it all made sense. Family court lawyers/Judges, and slaughterhouse workers actually have a lot in common. 

If you examine new hires vs. senior workers at a slaughterhouse, you will notice that the new hires are much more gentle with the animals. In the beginning, they all feel slightly sick about their jobs as well. Seasoned slaughterhouse workers are efficient and calm when doing their jobs. They may also be extremely cruel to the animals. PETA has released undecover videos of slaughterhouse workers laughing as animals are dying, and kicking/beating the animals. It makes you wonder if these people are all psychopaths, or if there is more going on. 

The answer is that these workers become desensitized to their job after a while. They can no longer see the cruelty and pain that is inflicted on the animals. They can no longer FEEL it. This is a psychological defebse mechanism that the brain produces in order to allow them to cope with their job. 

I believe that Family Court lawyers and Judges have the same psychological defense mechanism as the slaughterhouse workers. They ruin people. They destroy lives. They cause children to live in misery. Not always, but more often than not (as we all know) they cause unimaginable damage to the lives of the mothers, fathers, and children involved. They just become desensitized to human suffering at some point. 

THIS is why it's so dangerous for women to show emotions in court. Just as the slaughterhouse workers get annoyed and angry when the pigs cry as they are being led to their death, so do the Family Court lawyers and Judges react when you get emotional as your entire life is being destroyed. They favor the unemotional party (who is often unemotional because they are the abuser) because it makes their job easier. To them, you are no longer a human being, but just another animal being processed for slaughter. 


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